Quality Management

How we guarantee the quality and continuous improvement of services

All Entheosoffers, services and partnerships are analyzed, evaluated and approved by the company’s Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee also provides guidelines, quality objectives, health standards and service SLAs.

The general qualitative objective is to increase the completeness and appropriateness of the services provided and in particular it is necessary to address:

  1. Product standard and clinical out come

Objective measurement of indicators (KPI) for measuring the efficiency, effectiveness and results of the service.

  1. Risk governance

The internal Compliance and Risk management structures are responsible for monitoring and measuring the adherence of the activities carried out, with respect to the operational standards defined. The activity is carried out through both periodic and ad hoc audits, also on customer reports who are an extremely important source for Entheos, in order to trigger and maintain the continuous improvement process.

  1. Training-communication

The transparent internal communication and with customers and patients allows not only to give effectiveness to the services, but also to manage peacefully in a collaborative perspective all the critical issues and risks in order to cancel them in the shortest possible time.

  1. Use of the integrated quality system for regulatory purposes

Although the operational activities have just started (at the date of issue of this document), Entheos is already launching the acquisition of all certifications to better support the maintenance and improvement of the target service standards.

  1. To ensure the best performance to the patient by ensuring the best use of resources

The objectives of continuous improvement of operating models and support technologies allow us to always guarantee the best service to customers. Always under the control of the Scientific Committee and the Health Management of Entheos.

Privacy Management

Entheosaims at the continuous respect of privacy even by using only external products and services certified at a medical level.

Costumer satisfaction

Entheosperiodically launches customer surveys to assess satisfaction and the areas for improvement required.

Reporting and complaints

For complaints send emails and contact details to the site info@entheos.care

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