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Telecare RSA

For the world of reception facilities such as, for example, nursing homes, CRAs, family homes, etc., Entheoshas developed the Telecare RSA service which, by taking charge of guests with telemedicine services, has the following objectives:

Life quality improvement

The improvement of the quality of life of RSA guests precisely through the definition of specificmonitoring plans for each person, drastically reducing the need to move people to external structures (such as hospitals and diagnostic centers) and, also, with a minimum presence of medical personnel and sanitary

Risk reduction for RSA ownership and management

The reduction of risksfor RSApropertyand management through tracingin the information systems of Telecare RSA of the health activities carried out on guests/patients (in compliance with health and privacy regulations)

Improvement of the image of the structure

The further improvement of the image of the structure in the area that can communicate the use of the new Telecare RSA operating models and new technologies as a lever for improving the well-being and care, where necessary, of its guests

Reduction of costs and risks for guests

The reduction of costs and risks for guests through quickand low-cost access to diagnostic and screening services directly on the site of the facility where they reside, without further cost increases also for transfers to diagnostic centers or hospitals

Time reduction

The reduction of time spent by RSA staff in low added value activities such as searching for patient-related information in paper archives, the need to search for the measurement plan for each patient

The objectivesare understood through the operating models and the support tools that Telecare RSA makes available:

  • Support to the Health Director for taking charge and defining the patient profile; some clusters have been identified to support the profiling (in charge of the doctor of the structure):
  • Autonomous
  • Complicated (compensated multi-pathological patients)
  • Complexes (multi-pathological patients at risk of decompensation such as insulin-dependent diabetics)
  • Fragile (multi-pathological patients with additional disabilities such as cognitive impairment and/or bedridden).
  • Unstable (patients with exacerbated diseases)

The profiles are only indicative and serve as a trace for the Health Director to profile patients and identify, for each, which periodic measures to carry out and when.

  • Support for the planning of medical activities, with a list of measures to be carried out on each patient and reminder to healthcare personnel in the event of delays or forgetfulness with respect to the defined measurement plan
  • Online consultation of the medical records of guests, accessible both from a computer and from a mobile phone, with all the measurements made
  • Tools for on-site measurements (with automatic upload to the IT platform and relative insertion in the medical record) of:
  • Pulse oximeter;
  • Glucometer;
  • Blood pressure monitor;
  • Thermometer
  • Scales (if needed)
  • Single-trace ECG
  • 12-lead ECG
  • Fast ultrasound
  • Possibility of the Medical Director to inform and share the measured data with the patients’ GPs (if any), or with external specialists for consultations
  • Possibility of leveraging the EntheosMedical Center to identify specialists to work with
  • Teleconsultation, or a Televisite, based on the measurement data of the instruments available with the technological platform
  • Reports of specialist examinations (eg: ECG; ultrasound, when ultrasound will be integrated) without moving the patient
  • Support from the EntheosMedical Center
  • for technical and operational problems
  • for sharing health aspects related to the operational processes being defined

Why should a Medical Director choose EntheosTelecare RSA?

Risk reduction for property and care facility management

Planningof activities performed by optimal staff and without waste


Increase diagnostic efficiencyand efficacy for patients

(Further) improvement of the structure image

Improvement of the quality of life of RSA guests

How does EntheosTelecare RSA work?

What are the strengths of EntheosTelecare RSA?


Telecare RSA is scalableand adapts to the context where it must be introduced in terms of the type of measurements to be made, diagnostic questions to be checked, measuring instruments already in the structure.



Ability to changethe service plans, i.e. the type and number of medical measuring instruments during the contract; continuous operational support for all stakeholders, starting with medical and healthcare personnel.


“One coffee a day” per person for basic services and measurements, also offered with advanced measurements with small cost increases and specialized (additional) remote services at competitive prices.

How does the EntheosTelecare RSA platform work?

What does the EntheosTelecare RSA Services package include?

Training in the use of the device and the platform

Medical Center and use of the Platform with Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Certified devices, including technical assistance and constant updating

Access to the certified network of federated specialist doctors at competitive costs

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