Who we are

Entheos is a Company founded by Doctors and Entrepreneurs who, after 2 years of research and experimentation, provides Teleassistance services using the most modern and innovative Telemedicine technologies.

Entheos‘ goal is to improve the quality of life through the use of paths supported by Telemonitoring protocols and devices, which allow both the general practitioner and the specialist to operate remotely.

The management and healthcare team was also built on the experience of a group of 500 doctors who manage over 60,000 chronic patients in the area, also taken care of with Teleservice systems.

Our services are aimed at:

- Care facilities (RSA, CRA, Family Homes)
- Chronic and/or complicated patients and families with people affected by pathologies
- General Practitioners interested in constant monitoring of their patients.

Our principles

Entheos aims to become a leader first in Italy and then internationally in Medicine 4.0 through the provision of Telemedicine services and, in particular, Telehealth, Specialized Telemedicine and Telemonitoring, offering the improvement of people’s quality of life, through some key principles:

Taking care of users from the health point of view.
Health monitoring (and also the use of specific predictive algorithms) in order to operate with a view to prevention and not a management in retrospect of diseases.
Precision medicine, increasingly personalized for the individual patient, leveraging monitoring data and ad hoc tools and software tools.

The cardinal


Entheos has the ambition to continue to be the best integrator of medical professionalism, health know-how, “best in class” methodologies and technologies in order to design and implement increasingly effective and innovative telehealth operating models.

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Where to find us

Via per Reggio 30X - 42019 Scandiano (RE)